About us


We are innovation builders for insurance and financial services. Our innovation hub that sits at the intersection between insurance and financial services companies as well as the tech industry. We combine deep industry insight with technological expertise to help our clients redesign client-centric solutions to their business challenges.

We have a proven track-record of co-creating products and services with some of the largest financial services companies around the world. Our core is built on connecting our clients to progressive startups as we deliver an agile ecosystem that benefits everyone who is a part of it.

Exclusive platform

Our exclusive platform is comprised of financial services institutions, executives, startups, entrepreneurs, and game-changers.

Our exclusive platform allows the synergistic application of insights and learning among non-competitive peers who face similar challenges.

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, we accelerate the digital transformation by constantly innovating products and services from the insurance and financial sectors.

Israel is one of the most vibrant and global innovation hubs, home of over 40 multinational financial services companies that engage with 500+ FinTech startups in the local ecosystem. Established companies from around the world come to Israel on a continuous basis to open a local tech hub in order to stay at the forefront of innovation.

By connecting our clients with the thriving Israeli innovation tech ecosystem, we help them move quicker than ever before.

Our Vision

Accelerating Your Digital Transformation

We Believe

Technology is changing the way financial and insurance services are designed, consumed and
delivered. New business models from products, operations to services – enabled by technology are fundamentally challenging incumbents in financial services markets.

To keep up with technology advancements, companies need to develop and implement quicker. We believe that future successful companies will be the ones who partner with the right digital companies, at the right time to drive digital transformation and be ready for disruptive changes. 

That’s where we come in.




Our Leadership

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Moshe Tamir

Founder and CEO

Moshe is the founder and CEO of Axell. With more than 20 years as an International innovator executive in financial services, Moshe has a proven track record in the successful implementation of global and local initiatives focused on digital transformation.

Moshe was Global Head of Digital Transformation at Generali, one of the world’s largest insurance companies. Prior to this, Moshe was Deputy CEO of Migdal Insurance, Israel’s largest insurance company. Moshe started his career at Intel Israel.

Moshe was a lecturer at Tel Aviv University and a board member in Anthemis group.


Lyron Wahrmann

CTO and Senior Adviser

Lyron is the CTO and senior advisor of Axell. He brings over 15 years of experience in successfully delivering innovative products to the financial industry with a specific focus on data-centric solutions.

Lyron has founded and managed Citigroup Technology Innovation Lab in Israel (200 engineers), including the creation of Citi’s first FinTech accelerator globally. Lyron has served recently as Chief Digital & Innovation Officer of Surecomp and prior to that  as R&D director at SuperDerivatives (Now NYSE:ICE)

Lyron also serves as a senior FinTech lecturer at NYU Stern, Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center and as a guest lecturer at Jiao Tong Shanghai University.


Daniel Tyoschitz

Head of Corporate Partnerships

Daniel is Head of Corporate Partnerships.

In his past he has lived in startup ecosystems like Berlin, Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv and gained deep entrepreneurial knowledge as startup founder and innovation consultant.

As keynote speaker and university lecturer, Daniel teaches the best practices of digital transformation and innovation success. He holds a M.A. in International Management and a B.A in Banking & Finance.


Bianca Smith

Lead Advisor, Australia & New

Bianca heads up Axell’s Australia and New Zealand operations as well as supports the company’s global marketing strategy.

Previously, Bianca held roles in innovation, digital transformation and marketing across the life and health insurance, and home lending industries within Australia.

Bianca has university qualifications in business and journalism and is currently undertaking further studies in psychology.

Valérie Dray

Lead Advisor, France

Valerie leads Axell’s business in France, advising and co-designing innovation and technology solutions across the business value chain.

Previously, Valerie was head of innovation at a major insurance group where she led digital and customer transformation projects across life and non-life insurance in France and internationally.

Today, she is a a Fintech advisor and coach as well as a co-founder of the FinTech Alliance WealthCOckpit.

Valerie holds a masters degree in business entrepreneurship from ISC Paris.

Our Mission

Leading the Transformation

We provide strategic advisory for incumbent financial services companies by challenging them to rethink business models, client experience, data, and technology.

We help our clients find and redesign digital solutions to their most pressing challenges. Our industry experience and operational know-how help us deliver faster and more focused on results.

We help large companies move quicker and technology companies scale faster.

Our highly specialized innovation ecosystem, based in Tel Aviv, Israel, (one of the most thriving in the world today) gives us clear access to the best technological opportunities and startups in the FinTech and InsurTech space. This creates accelerated growth opportunities for both our corporate clients, representing them on the ground here and for our technology partners.

By specifically working with a network of insurance and financial services clients and technology partners, we have access to the broad challenges and unique opportunities in both channels in the industry, which helps us better drive innovation.

By cultivating deep relationships with emerging startups and connecting them to our clients, we developed one cohesive ecosystem, to solve challenges from POC to scale.

We also provide early-stage investment and a variety of venturing opportunities for our clients to bring value to the ecosystem for everyone.

Your digital transformation starts today. Tap into our ecosystem and transform your business today.